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Refinancing helps you get consolidate debts, reduce interest and get more flexibility on your:

  • Investment loan
  • Personal loan
  • Business loan
  • Commercial loan
  • Home loan

If you want to pay down your debt faster, we’ll help you take advantage of the best deals out there.


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Most Australians have never refinanced their home loan. Are you one of these people?

The average variable interest rate in Australia for owner occupied is 3.29%*.

This statistic illustrates not only the fact that a large percentage of Australians are paying more than the market price, but also the lack of awareness in the Australian home owner population, not using the historically low interest rates to their advantage.

With new opportunities to save, switching to a lower rate home loan, or a home loan with an offset account can save you even more on interest.

With home loan refinancing, you can slash years off your home loan and save yourself thousands in interest repayments.


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Refinancing can save you money

Most are paying more than the market price for their loans.

They just don’t know they can get a better deal.

Right now, there are new opportunities to switch to a lower interest rate home loan, or start an offset account and save money and time paying down your debt.

Refinancing can slash years off your loan.

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Home Loans

We do the legwork to hunt down the right loan, and equip you with strategies to get ahead.

Business Loans

Compare our business finance products, which include secured and unsecured loans.

Commercial Loans

For investors looking to refinance or purchase commercial property.

Development Funding

We facilitate construction and development finance for Developers and Builders, ranging from acquiring the site, land banking to financing the construction costs.

Specialised Loans

Tax Debt? Bad Credit? Self Employed? We can help you gain approval with flexible loan solutions for those with unique borrowing needs.


Common documents include:

  • Payslips showing your income
  • Tax Assessments
  • A salary confirmation letter from your employer
  • A passport or driver’s license to confirm ID
  • Financial and credit documents

Having these documents makes the refinancing process smoother.

The length of time this process will take can vary from lender to lender, but generally speaking, it will often take between two and four weeks.

Refinancing can affect your credit score if your application is rejected. 


A LendWealth specialist does a pre-approval process for your application to make sure you have the highest chance of getting your loan and safeguarding your credit score.

A common reason for refinancing is to consolidate debt. This lets you combine your credit cards and loans into one simple payment. It also means you pay a lower interest rate. You can consolidate all your debt into a home loan, as long as you have enough equity. 


We’ll walk you through the different refinancing strategies so you can find the one that fits.

Typically no. But, it all depends on the terms of your current loan. 


Some lenders apply fees if you pay off your current mortgage early. But these can be offset by repayment savings. We’ll help you understand the fees from your current lender and guide you through the documentation.